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Listen Up Men and Women

This is important – if you don’t pay attention, you could do something I did, my ex did years ago, and a friend of mine did recently.  What is it that is so important to me, you, and anyone who has an original idea, if there is such a thing, is to put off tomorrow what could have done 15 to 20 years ago!  Never let an idea, no matter how unsuccessful, ineffective, or not-so-hot your family, friends, or colleagues may think your idea is – point is, God gave us all brains and He meant for us to use them.  He also gives us thoughts and dreams.  If we don’t act on those and see them through, our dreams will dry up.  Doors and windows will begin to close.  Our hopes and ideas will diminish and dissappear before our very eyes, (by being thought of and acted on) before we have a second thought about them — by someone else!

This recently happened to me!  When my son was probably 10 (he’s now 39) I found this fabulous tile – a tile for display, not necessarily using as a pot holder, decorated in bright colors and has a funky lookin’ house on it with the saying, “A Wild Wacky Wonderful Woman lives here!”  Well, honey, that described me to a tee because back in those days I had no fear.  Someone thought up the idea.  I’ve had a manuscript sitting my closet for 10 long years. I’ve been searching for more products and never have found another thing.  Just that tile.  Even the catalog I bought the tile from had gone out of business.

Then in 2009 I began a blog but couldn’t decide on the design!  So, I procrastinated, doing work for other clients and leaving it unattended.  Well, it should go without saying what I’ve seen now in 2 or 3 catalogs and on the web!  Same thing happened to a friend of mine who created a doll for people with illnesses.  That’s her story so I won’t go into it.  But, the idea was GENIUS!  My wonderful ex has received a patent and prototype made on – get this – a luggage cart system that carried two bags and one fit on other, to be put above the seat in the plane.  This was in the late 70s/early 80s! But, fear got to him.  Fear of failure, which we all feel at one time or another.
I was doing great things in my career and in businesses, which I had started.  Good times!  But I still think about that box in a closet where I have a complete manuscript entitled “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Dealing with Chronic Illness.”  It was ready to go.  But, something switched inside me and I allowed others to sway my confidence.  I think I felt Wild Wacky would be taken the wrong way.  To me, it means a person always ready to play, have fun, try new things, (even if it breaks a few bones).  But, you know what?  On this day I vow to find that box, did that dusty mess off and mail it in!  Why not?

Today is September 11, 2011.  Ten years ago we all experienced a tragedy that has had long term effects on the families who lost friends and family, others who lost friends, and a war we keep on pouring money into.  Don’t waste a God given beautiful day – whether it is raining or sunny.  Act on  your good ideas.  Help someone you know.  Reach out to friends you haven’t seen or talked with in years.  Make a bucket list!  Call your grandkids or  your kids.  Dye your hair if you’ve wanted to.  Cut it short or grow it out.  Learn to paint.  Volunteer.  ACT.  SMILE. But, most of all, today, pray for those who lost friends and family in the towers or other places attacked that day and PRAY for the US, our soldiers and spend time with your families.

Just don’t wait until  someone takes your idea or someone elses to the limit!  Every time I walk through an airport and see luggage carts I think of the patent and prototypes I watched my ex-husband make.

Have a wild and wacky wonderful day!