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Virtual Assistants is the old Answering Services of years ago coming back with new and improved equipment, technology, skill-sets, and geographic boundaries. In the 80’s when I had several businesses running at one time, I needed the services of a classic Answering Service and mail receiving location as all of the businesses were taking orders, answering constant phone calls, receiving supplies, and these people took orders for us by phone, also taking orders and charging them using my merchant account. Over the 10 years that I used their services before moving one of the businesses into a retail location, I loved it! I am delighted to see they are BACK although under a new name, etc. It just takes time finding the perfect fit where timing, etc. come together without incident.

This gives us many answers to questions about conducting business in various parts of the world! The people I have talked with and/or hired, have been absolutely excellent! I am so glad the services are BACK, and hopefully, here to stay!

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Have you never been interested in a product or service you saw online only to call and receive that businesses or persons voicemail? That happened to me recently when I was searching for someone to come and repair my washing machine. I searched for and Telephone Answering Services located several service providers online, called them up and received their voice mails and   even received a message stating the voice mailbox was full. I wonder if those service providers know that missed calls lead to missed opportunities and missed opportunities lead to missed revenue.   If you are the owner of a small business or a solo- entrepreneur answering your own calls below are the top 5 reasons you may want to hire   VirtualAssistantService answer your  business  calls.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant to Answer Your Calls


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