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Social Media: Is it a good source for recommendations?

Social media is a great resource for many things, but is it a replacement for make clients? I believe it can be over time, but only if done correctly.  Today on LinkedIn, I read one of the best articles on something I believe, which is, there is no substitution  for personal, word-of-mouth referrals.  We have so many ways to use social media in our promotional mix. Yet, it’s just one part, not the whole part.

What is the benefit to building a following, or as I like to say, a group of networking professionals to connect with others, to learn from one another, and the added benefit  to build your name in the business world, to make connections, and help inspire, encourage and grow by mutually engaging with people of like minds. It’s apparently good for those who offer webinars and teleseminars, and those people may get sales on coaching. Coaching is the new word for what people like myself have done for 30+ years – counsel, make recommendations, design plans and strategies that make sense, execute those plans, and never make the client look bad to anyone.

That’s how personal referrals are made. From client to client. From recommendations that can be followed up on and verified. Not on LI endorsements, what people have the opportunity to do, which is what I enjoy, is sharing information and learning from others. While money is great to have, it is not why I connect with people. I look for a mutual connection where it may be a beneficial relationship for both parties.

With Skype, I can start my day talking with clients or contacts in the UK and wind up in Australia, having talked with clients or contacts in South Africa, Canada, the US, and elsewhere. What a great resource social is to become more global. But, it is no substitution for fine work product and recommendations.