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Upcoming Book Release, Success TRAPS: Awaken your Realized Potential for Lasting Fulfillment


My excitement is overwhelming as the time has come for me to release my upcoming self-help and business leadership novel, Success TRAPS: Awaken your Realized Potential for Lasting Fulfillment.

What happens when you mix leadership development, transformational thinking, organizational behavior and military stratagem into one single text? The answer; you get a whole lot of happiness and direction for overcoming Success TRAPS in life! These are some of the ingredients of a happy lifestyle and are being offered on the heels of a tough global economy and year for most Americans. Moving into the field of Positive Psychology, I felt an obligation to use my literary voice to add value to the topic by explaining my views on the traps most people find themselves in during a lifetime. Not since Stephen Covey’s The 8TH Habit has anyone really touched on the topic of finding your voice, and nowhere are the topics…

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Discover your Passion


Discover your Passion It doesn’t matter if you feel like you haven’t discovered your true passion in life. What does matter is that you never stop searching until you identify what it might look like.

Discovering your passion helps you to realize the incredible contributions you can make in the world. Your passion leads to your purpose. Your purpose leads to your vision. Your vision leads to your direction. Your direction influences your approach. Your approach stimulates your behavior. And your behavior discovers your outcomes.

Passion is resolute when it is fulfilled, but before it arrives at a desired destination, it cuts like a two-edged sword. Each cut leaves a valuable lesson to guide your steps into the future. They’ll help you remember where you’ve been to make sure that you have the right tools along the way to get you where you are headed.

Passion requires you to think using ‘above the…

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