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Are you Awake, Alive, and Excited?

Here we go! 2014 has started and we have a clean slate! Already, I’ve received a ton of New Year’s offers, tips, webinar invites, etc. on how-to, and pros and cons on, whether or not New Year resolutions will be met. One writer surprised me by an article stating new years’ resolutions were a waste of time and doomed to fail! I don’t believe that, but some people do. Perception is a personal thing that no one can change but that person.

Did I just hear someone reading this, ask, “Have you made your resolutions, Cam?”  No, I haven’t.  I’ve made New Year INTENTIONS. I’ve made KICK-BUTT GOALS. I create (don’t laugh) dream boards. But, the difference from other people who make resolutions such as: ‘I’m going to go to the gym every day,” ‘I’m going to triple my income in 3 months…,’ or, ‘I’m going to be on time for all meetings and get to work on time,’ and more resolutions similar to those, is this – I make intentions. And, as we all probably do, we write them down. I go a step further. 

When you make an intention, you are promising yourself, giving your word, and that makes it more personal and powerful. As many people do in business, I also enjoy mind-mapping. This started for me back in the 1980’s when a day planner came on the market called the Personal Resource System (“PRS”). Mind-mapping was one of the things taught with using the day planner and I found it to be invaluable in all areas of my life, while I knew the idea had been around for a number of years prior. Soon came Stephen Covey’s extraordinary book entitled, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

The other action I take is to set each intention up as if it were a project for a client. If its health related, it’s planned out as a project, with objectives to be reached and deadlines set. Each day or week, depending on the intention, there is an action to be taken. Since I treat these like I would any other activity for a client, I’m more committed with ‘intent’ on completing the task.

Setting goals is a little different than making a resolution. Resolutions are something that many of us take seriously and set yearly. We resolve to change something, usually a habit. But, for many, they know the realization that resolutions are made in fun, half-heartedly, and people who make them don’t seriously expect them to last. When you don’t expect something to be fulfilled, you are basically setting yourself up for failure. Believe me, I’m one who knows.

For years I was my own self-saboteur. Next were members of my family. If my husband or anyone doubted I could accomplish a goal, I soaked in their opinions. Thoughts became my thoughs. Then, ka-boom! Whatever the goal, it didn’t succeed only because I didn’t believe in myself any more. That was when I was in my 20s and early 30s. Today, what anyone says that is negative – their thoughts just bounces off me like a boomerang! Unless it comes in the form of a friend or peer, and is respectfully given as constructive criticism or suggestion, I will not take it seriously. But, only I can make my goals succeed or fail.

Those years ago when I didn’t have a lot of confidence, unlike today, it would always amaze me when I had success at a major goal that I set. Soon, I learned that success does come to those who work hard, make a plan, and work their plan. Once people see that you do good work, your word holds true, then you see more success. Never let other people hold you back or make you doubt yourself.

So the Cam Lemmon of today is not shy or lacking confidence. This Cam – me — of today is confident, wise, and I know that my present and past work and many clients’ letters of recommendation speak for themselves. I’m confident in reaching my goals and aspirations. Scratch that!  I’m confident I will see every intention I set come to fruition. 

Have a wonderful year, reach your goals, resolutions, or INTENTIONS, and shoot for the moon! If you don’t reach it, you may find a star! Allow yourself some room to adjust should surrounding circumstances change for which you have no control. Have a great year, and call me the “2014 Cam” – watching for the greatest achievements we all can make this New Year! Let me know how you do with your new year’s plans.

In fact, I’d like for each person to respond who wants to register their “resolutions” on this site, and at the end of the year, let’s have an award for the person or business who reaches many, if not all, goals. The one who reaches the most will be honored at an event I will be hosting at the end of the year at a sunny Florida location!

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